Back in May, we discovered the Nach One, a lightweight three-seater from Bravo Motor Company in Argentina. Reader Gabriel Y. just sent us some of his pictures of the first test drive of the Nach One that took place this past week. Comparing these images with the original concept design, you can see that a lot of the features from last year's sketches made the transition from computer to 3D space. We don't have any reports on how the vehicle performed (the company blog hasn't been updated sine May), but expect that the 600 kg, 163 hp Nach One enjoyed its time on the dirt track. By the looks on the faces of the people in the pictures, I think they enjoyed the drive as well.

The unusual three-seat configuration of the Nach One puts the driver in the front of the cockpit with two passengers in the back (see also: the Honda FC Sport). This is the perfect configuration for one of the riders to take video of, say a first test drive. Now, if only they'd post that video for us to see.

[Source: Flickr]

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