Just as in many cities around the world, rickshaws have become an increasingly common mode of transportation in London. Bicycle rickshaws (also known as pedicabs) are efficient and emissions free. However, they are not designed for high speeds and passenger safety devices are minimal. Normally, when an operator is pedaling, this isn't a problem.

What is a problem is when operators decide to hybridize their pedicabs. In this case, hybridizing means adding a battery and motor to a rickshaw. London police say as many as 80 percent of the pedicabs in the British capital have been adapted with electric drive that allows them to hit speeds of up to 20 mph. The problem is that these vehicles are not designed to go that fast and a number of accidents have occurred as a result of losing control. London police have begun setting up checkpoints to inspect pedicabs and seize those that have been hybridized. Kind of gives a new meaning to silent but (potentially) deadly. Thanks to Jamie for the tip!

[Source: BBC]

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