Click above for a high-res gallery from the 25 Hours of Thunderhill

Caffeine... for the time being. We're currently camped out at a coffee shop awaiting a call from one of the dozen or so team members that have either hit up a hotel or remained at the track hoping to get the go-ahead from NASA officials. The fog has continued to thicken and we've heard rumors that the haze might not lift until around noon tomorrow. If the race does proceed, the organizers can tack on an additional three hours to make up for lost time, putting the "official" end at 3 PM PST. Let's just say we're not entirely optimistic, but we're willing to hang out for a few more hours in the hopes that the race will go on.

A quick update on a few of the cars:
  • The Cytosport Daytona Prototype is still in the lead, followed by the Team Green K20-powered, E85-fueled racer.
  • The turbo'd Scion tC has lost fourth gear, but repairs can't be made during the downtime.
  • The Butte College Motorsports Honda S2000 broke an upper control arm, but the team had a parts car on the premises and replaced it in under an hour. And we didn't mention this before, but for every lap the Butte team does, a donation will be made to the Make A Wish Foundation.
In the meantime, our camera-equipped sharp-shooter snapped off some shots of the cars battling it out in the dark. Enjoy.

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