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Back in September of 2007, Steven Tyler, best known as the lead singer for Aerosmith, launched a custom motorcycle company along with his cousin, Stephen Talarico, and cycle designer Mark Dirico. The trio called the company Red Wing Motorcycles. That high-flying moniker may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it turns out that the name was already taken. In fact, it's been taken a few times. This being the case, Tyler used the New England International Auto Show, which is running this weekend, to announce that the company has been renamed Dirico Custom Motorcycles. To see the whole thing take place live on video, click here.

Yeah, so it may not be as catchy as Red Wing, but at least it's available. As far as the bikes go, these "factory custom" machines seem like quality pieces and use mostly stock V-Twin powerplants from The Motor Company. While this means they should be pretty reliable, there's not much here to separate Red Wing Dirico Custom Motorcycles from those of the the hundreds of other "custom" manufacturers. So, what's the hook? Each bike comes pre-signed by none other than... Steven Tyler, of course.

[Source: Auto Insane]

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