Click above image for a high-resolution gallery of the Vectrix Superbike concept

We've been enamored with ROBRADY's design for an electric superbike since we first saw it over a year ago. It may have taken a while, but the electric motorcycle (the design was commissioned by Vectrix, the electric maxiscooter company), is just now getting some love from the powers-that-be in the design world. The concept won a Design Award from the prestigious Red Dot Museum in Singapore. Because there is no engine sitting directly at the center of the cycle, the machine looks suitably futuristic and its instant torque would surely make it an exhilarating bike to ride.

Using lithium ion batteries and an rear-mounted electric motor, the concept bike is relatively quick and can reportedly hit speeds around 125 miles per hour. While that may not be all that fast in superbike terms, it's pretty darn good for an electric two-wheeler. This machine exists beyond just the paper realm, as Vectrix has at least one of the machines making the motorcycle show rounds as we speak.

[Source: ROBRADY]

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