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With over 80 laps and a pit/driver change under its belt, Team Cytosport (#06 – Daytona Prototype) is holding down first place in class and first overall, setting a best time of 1:44.919, with average laps coming in around 1:50. Second overall is held by Team Trimtex/Fall-Line (#70 – 2005 BMW M3), followed by Team Green Alternative Motorsports (#87 – M20F). Team Green has the best chance of unseating Cytosport for the top slot, laying down a best time of 1:43.777 and averaging 1:49-1:50 laps. Four laps separate the two, but the day is young, so the spread could diminish quickly if things heat up.

Two teams have caught our eye so far:

  • The turbocharged MPME Team Scion tC (#27), which rolled during practice on Thursday, laid down a best lap of 1:58:564 -- one-tenth of a second behind Toxidrift Racing Competition Viper (#77).
  • Butte College Motorsports (#04), which consists of five drivers and a 30+ member crew from the college's auto shop class is running an S2000 donated to the school by Honda. After three years of assembly, disassembly and tweaking, the car is set to be crushed, so the students decided that a campaign in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill would be a fitting send off. We couldn't agree more.
Live results here.

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