is used by millions of people every month, and the top questions range from "Am I pregnant?" to "How much is my car worth?" While those questions seem very generic and obvious, one query takes on an entirely Top Gear feel. No, the question isn't "How can I stop Top Gear USA from disappointing me?" The ninth most asked question is "Who is the Stig?" That oft-asked question is to Top Gear fans what "Is there a Santa Claus" is to 4th graders.'s European MD, Cesar Mascaraque, called the Stig a "cult figure" whose identity attracts thousands of queries. It's not at all surprising people's interest is piqued. The wildly popular BBC show basically throws it in our face whenever possible that we don't know who he is. When a camera flash exposes his eyes through his trademark helmet visor, it makes world-wide news.

Well, since the question is asked so often on, what does the search engine give as an answer? Not surprisingly, it doesn't know either. does, however, identify race car drivers Perry McCarthy, Ben Collins and Damon Hill as strong possibilities. Now lets try to get all three men and the Stig in the same room together.


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