Cutting an engine's cylinder count seems like an easy way to increase fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions. Smaller engines also weigh less, and all automakers are eager to lower the mass of their new vehicles. To that end, Fiat is working on a new line of 900cc engines that feature just two cylinders as opposed to the current, more common choice of four. Rumors indicate that the engine would be available in four separate states of tune and would range from 65-105 horsepower. High-performance versions may feature turbocharging to increase their power levels. Green technology like Fiat's Multiair hydraulic valve-actuation technology and the ability to run on compressed natural gas are also being planned for the twins, as is stop/start capability.
Expect this new line of powerplants to first show up in Fiat's retro 500 coupe, Panda and Grand Punto along with the Lancia Ypsilon. What's more, we know that Fiat and BMW have been in talks to share platforms and engines, so these new engines could make an appearance in either future MINI models or in the long-rumored line of city cars.

[Source: Channel 4]

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