Whilst perusing the internetz for the latest and greatest green-go-gadgets, we happened across a somewhat mysterious video that we think might offer our readers something in the way of both amusement and a free physics lesson. The clip features several different three-wheel electric vehicles careening about a makeshift course piloted by guys with remarkably dubious driving ability, possibly for the benefit of an engineering school competition. (Or perhaps it was for a reality TV show, our Farsi comprehension is as poor as our Thai)

Regardless of the reason for its existence, the vid demonstrates that just because you design a vehicle to be green, it doesn't mean it's safe. Also demonstrated is the importance of doors and helmets, along with the dangers of loitering about a race course with expensive film equipment. Hit the jump for madcap careening action as well as a bonus video that reveals the true green nature of the event that spawned this bit of craziness.

[Source: YouTube]

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