We assume our own invitation to speak in front of the House Financial Services Committee today got lost in the mail, or perhaps we didn't respond quickly enough to Barney Frank's e-vite (we thought it was for another one of his crazy house parties). Regardless, our absence in DC today doesn't mean that Congress thinks the opinion of the automotive press is useless. We've just learned that Winding Road's grand poo-bah, David E. Davis Jr., is scheduled to testify at the bailout hearings today. WR tells us to expect DED sometime around 12:30PM EST after the second panel takes the stage. We've got our TiVo boxes set to record and we hope the former editor of Car and Driver, founder of Automobile and current head honcho of Winding Road represents our people well.
UPDATE: Doh! DED got pulled off the hearing schedule at the last minute. Guess Congress doesn't care about the perspective of auto journalists.

[Source: Next Autos]

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