Click above for high-res image gallery of Jeff Teague's AMC Gremlin

Jeff Teague is the son of former AMC design chief Dick Teague, and his father's work at the scrappy independent automaker created some of the most memorable designs ever. Jeff Teague is a designer himself, and not too long ago his reimagining of the AMX musclecar caught our eye. That exercise left Teague so inspired that he fleshed out what a modern-day Gremlin might look like. Being fond of the original helps us like this new take on the car, even if it's pretty far removed looks-wise. We like that it's not blatantly retro; the only real concession to the past is the C-Pillar shape, and hey, the Infiniti FX already swiped that. The proportions and overall look bring to mind several current vehicles from other manufacturers, making us think that the Gremlin was about 35 years ahead of its time.

[Source: via Hemmings]

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