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photo by M.Garfield

Chris Paine has the best adventures. He had his somewhat niche documentary film Who Killed The Electric Car? turn into a national sensation and then he got stopped by the cops hours after getting his Tesla Roadster. Granted, those aren't exactly the same thing, but they both make for a great tale.

Here's what happened: cruising through LA the night he got his electric sportscar, Paine saw a Los Angeles Sheriff patrol car pull behind him on Ventura Boulevard. The lights started flashing and Paine was worried his "acceleration experiments" might have drawn their attention. Instead, it was the new car's lack of plates that caught the cops' eyes. That's when the officers noticed that they hadn't pulled over just any LA speed car, but an electric vehicle instead. Read their excited response to finding out just what they'd caught over at the Revenge of the Electric Car blog.

[Source: Revenge of the Electric Car]

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