VIDEO: George Lucus and Peter Brock in 1:42:08

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Before landmark films American Graffiti and Star Wars, George Lucas was just another film student at the University of Southern California. During his time at USC, Lucas and 13 other film students put together an eight-minute-long film called 1:42:08. The title contains no words, and the film has no dialog. What does appear on the screen is racing legend Peter Brock as he speeds through Willow Springs Raceway near LA. The movie's sound track? The sound of a Lotus 23 race car at full throttle. Hit the jump to see Lucas' 1966 short film for yourself. It's no Empire Strikes Back, but it's damn good cinematography. If you aren't a big Lucas fan, there's still Peter Brock and a Lotus 23. It's a win-win.

[Source: YouTube]

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