The latest episode in the "wind-car" building saga is ready for viewing and Dale Vince, the man behind both this project and Ecotricity, has some interesting things to say. Although the discussion is mainly centered around the car and their attempts to make the Exige bodywork look a little more "tough," Dale also explained why he thinks there has been such a push for hydrogen. He says the oil companies like the idea of a hydrogen economy because, "...they make that at their refineries and they can ship it in their tankers, put it in their garages and it's business as usual." He adds that hydrogen-powered cars do one-third the miles of an electric vehicle for a given unit of energy.

Dale also continues to make light jabs at the Tesla Roadster. At the tail end of the video he grins and says, "Our car'll be special. Very, very special. Nothing like the Tesla." While we enjoyed the good-natured tone of the comment, we can only hope there will be an on-track race at the end of all of this taunting. Hit the jump for some British-accented electric-sports-car-making action.

[Source: Zero Carbonista]

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