click above image for a high-resolution gallery of the Renault Z.E. concept

The Renault Z.E. will certainly never be seen on the road in massive numbers, but some of the systems used in this far out electric vehicle concept are ingenious, as The Sun discovered when it got to take the Renault Z.E. concept out for a spin recently.

The inside is minimalist, in keeping with the Z.E.'s waste not, want not design, but The Sun found the car to be "remarkably clever." Even those Slimer-green windows serve a purpose (keeping UV rays and heat out of the interior, which reduces the need for the air conditioning). And the music and navigation systems? They're run from your mobile phone, saving even more drain from the battery. That's a really clever touch. The Sun talks about a battery swap system that could theoretically replace an empty pack with a fully-charged one "within seconds." The Sun is also a fan of the hideaway electric scooter in the trunk, which will extend your emission-free travels even after you've parked the Z.E. somewhere. Currently, the 70 kW motor can only move the Z.E. to 30 mph, but The Sun is still gung-ho on this outlandish design. If neon green windows can win acclaim, can widespread acceptance be that far behind?

[Source: The Sun via EV World]

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