Spyshots: Jaguar to power its XK sports car with a diesel

Diesel is no longer taboo for sportscars. Audi and BMW already have diesel sport coupés and, although it's rumored that Jaguar is working with hybrid powertains, the truth is that they already sell diesel cars such as the XF. The upcoming XK has been spotted in the wild, and it has a new 3.0-liter turbodiesel that's being developed to replace the 2.7 V6. The current offering, at 204hp and 320lb-ft, can't compete with the BMW 635d. The new powertrain also comes with reduced CO2 emissions; 20g/km cleaner, to be precise. The newJaguar XK is expected to arrive in March 2009, with prices starting at £55,000.
[Source: Car Magazine]

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