Earlier this year, a major storm was brewing in London as then-mayor Ken Livingstone was locked in a legal battle with Porsche over an increased Congestion Charge on its performance cars. After quite a bit of legal wrangling back and forth, Livingstone's ejection in favor of new London mayor Boris Johnson and the roll-back of the C-Charge in general, Porsche came out the victor. We're not really sure what to think about the issue, especially considering that each side had its own data suggesting that its stance would reduce carbon emissions. What's more, both parties claimed to have the backing of the public majority. Such is the case whenever statistics are involved, right?

Porsche had previously said it would donate all of its winnings in the case to charity, and the German automaker has now followed through with the cause. A total of £375,000 has officially been donated to Skidz, a UK charity that seeks to train young people mechanical skills, at a ceremony held at a Porsche facility in London.

[Source: Carscoop]

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