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To go along with the recent addition of Alternity Convoy, a version of Optimus Prime in Japan that transforms into a Nissan GT-R, comes another new toy in the same series by TakaraTOMY. What bot would be a better followup to Prime than Megatron? Instead of the classic weapon shape that we've grown accustomed to for the ultimate Transformer baddie, Alternity Megatron's alt-mode is a Nissan 370Z. Here we have a problem, as Megatron's car mode takes a decided back seat to Prime's GT-R. Still, the GT-R and Fairlady Z (what they call the 370Z in Japan) are both made by Nissan and the two leaders are actually brothers in the Transformers universe.

No matter, as diehard Transformer fans are sure to overlook the obvious Decepticon snub. What they may not forgive, however, is Megatron dropping his cannon for a pair of swords.

Like Alternity Convoy, Megatron is officially licensed from Nissan and die cast in metal. Those wanting to get their hands on the latest Alternity bot can choose from silver or blue. Thanks for the tip, 94 Taurus owner!

[Source: TFW2005]

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