Ford has been in a losing battle for market share here in the States for over a decade, but in Europe the Blue Oval has turned things around. Popular models like the Fiesta and Focus have many Europeans thinking Ford first, and soon Ford can have a monopoly on the word 'FUN', too. Ford has been in a battle with the European Union Trademark office over the word 'FUN' since 2005, and the Detroit-based automaker has been denied exclusive rights to the happy word until yesterday. The European Court of First Instance in Luxembourg overturned an earlier decision against Ford, saying the word FUN is "too vague and subjective to give the word a descriptive character."
Unless the EU's highest court overturns this decision, Ford and fun will be exclusively intertwined across the pond. We're wondering what Ford could possibly do with the FUN designation. Will it be a super happy trim level with balloons and clown faces and a goofy-sounding horn? Will the designation stand for improved driving dynamics or increased power? So many possibilities.

[Source: Bloomberg via TTAC]

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