Wagoner to visit Congress in Malibu Hybrid

Following the announcement from Ford that Alan Mulally, CEO of the Ford Motor Company, would be driving to Washington from Detroit in a Ford Escape Hybrid, General Motors has today proclaimed that Rick Wagoner will make the trek in a Malibu Hybrid. Of course, they almost have to at this point, now that both Detroit automakers have also announced that they would be ridding themselves of their fleet of private jets. Wagoner's choice of a Malibu Hybrid seems solid as well; though it may not be as advanced as some other hybrid models, including GM's own 2-Mode trucks and SUVs, the Malibu is a good car and a sales success that seems to represent GM's promising future.

The next obvious question is how Nardelli will get to DC. We'd wager that it'll be in a Chrysler vehicle, but which one? Ford and GM both had hybrids to choose from, but Chrysler recently canceled its first hybrid models before they ever really got off the ground. Ideas?

[Source: AP via Google]

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