Click above for a gallery of the Nissan 370Z S-Tune

Nissan has released four more official images of the NISMO 370Z S-Tune, and the photos show a much more hardcore of version of the Japanese brand's new rear-wheel-drive sports car than we saw debut at the LA Auto Show last month. Buyers will be able to choose between the full-on body kit above with a new lower chin spoiler, "extension nose piece", rocker moldings, rear valance and rear wing or a toned down version. Those larger deep dish, five-spoke aluminum wheels are also an option, as are a stainless steel exhaust system, upgraded S-Tune suspension, additional body braces and S-Tune brake pads. Nissan already has an official website up in Japanese extolling the virtues of the 370Z S-Tune, including an opening intro video that flies around the car. Check out the new official pics in high-res, as well as detail shots of each NISMO component, in the gallery below.

[Source: via AutoFiends]

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