Well whadda' ya know. At least one Detroit CEO is planning on driving down to Washington from the Motor City in a real, honest-to-goodness car SUV. We've grown a bit tired of hearing people talk about whether or not Wagoner, Mulally and Nardelli should have flown in their respective company's private jets the last time they visited, so we're happy to hear that Ford's man at the helm, Alan Mulally, will be making the next trek on four wheels. Specifically, the vehicle of choice is an Escape hybrid. Will the other two execs follow his example? That seems likely. So far, nobody's saying whether he'll be driving himself, though PR officials are quick to point out that he's got a license (we would certainly hope so, being the CEO of an automaker and all) so he could act as his own driver.

At first, we had imagined that Mulally would use the new-for-'10 Fusion. That car seems to put its best Blue-Oval-shaped foot forward, besting such efficiency stalwarts as the Toyota Camry hybrid that it will compete with head-to-head in fuel mileage. There is one potential problem with the Fusion, though: it's built in Mexico. The Escape hybrid is assembled in Kansas City, MO., and it is (was) also the vehicle of choice for President-elect Obama. Decision made.

[Source: Detroit News]

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