Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli was the only auto exec who readily offered to work for a buck if it meant securing federal aid from Congress in the form of bridge loans. Ford CEO Alan Mulally famously told the politicians sitting before him, "I think I'm OK where I am." We would be OK too with the tens of millions of dollars that Mulally has received as compensation so far from Ford. GM CEO Rick Wagoner was described as being "demur" when asked about lowering his salary to a $1.
Now it seems that the boy from Boeing and the Ricker are reconsidering their previous reluctance to take a pay cut. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that both CEOs are prepared to tell Congress on Thursday that they would be willing to work for $1 if it meant getting the approval of Congress for federal loans.

Congress had previously demanded the each of the Detroit 3 automakers submit a detailed plan to Congress outlining how they would use the federal loans to return to profitability and ensure the long term viability of their companies. Ford is the first to turn their homework in, which reveals the Blue Oval expects to be making money again in 2011 and will have an all-electric sedan on sale by then. All it's asking in return is a $9 billion slice of the $25 billion federal aid package that would only be used if necessary. Ford already has enough credit to survive through 2010 and only envisions needing the fed's money if something happens to either GM or Chrysler.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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