eBay Find of the Day: One of six Aerocars ever made

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Now here's something you just don't see every day. In fact, we'd wager most people will never see an original Aerocar in person at all, considering that only six were ever made. Now that one has managed to pop up on eBay Motors, this could be your chance to own a small piece of history. Built in 1956, this red and black Aerocar hasn't been flown since the late '70s, but looks to have been stored properly and appears to be in remarkably good shape.

Powered by a single Lycoming engine offering up 135 horses, the Aerocar is capable of hitting 112 miles per hour in the air and about half that on the tarmac. The whole kit was an amazing when it was designed in the 1940s with its front-wheel drive chassis propping up foldable wings that are towed behind when not needed along with a rear-mounted detachable pusher prop. The transformation from automobile to airplane reportedly takes one man just five minutes to complete.

Such a unique and historically significant machine isn't going to come cheap. In the case of the Aerocar, a cool $3.5 mil is all that's required to fly drive trailer it home for yourself. To quote Dr. Jones, this thing belongs in a museum.

[Source: eBay]

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