What's the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a new car? For German women, the answer is the same as it is for nearly everyone else: safety and security. In fact, 97 percent of respondents in a recent survey pointed to security as the most vital auto need. The next most important attribute, again not surprisingly, was quality, closely followed by - you guessed it - price. Of course, you get what you pay for, to quote the old saying. Anyway, things get a bit greener from there, with the type and amount of fuel consumed being singled out as a major criterion for purchase by some 80 percent of German women surveyed. Interestingly, the cleanliness of any given vehicle was rated as more important by women than its looks, design or brand image. German men didn't rate a vehicle's eco-friendliness quite as high, with less than three-quarters indicating that it was of particular importance to them. All in all, an emotional attachment doesn't seem necessary to Germans, who appear to favor quality craftsmanship and design over other factors. Hear that? Be like the Germans and choose a green car.
[Source: Automobilwoche - sub. req'd. Pic CC 2.- by The Heart Truth]

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