It seems the entire world is still debating whether or not Rick Wagoner, Alan Mulally and Bob Nardelli should have carpooled, walked or taken the bus for their last trip to the Capitol, but that's all behind us now. The good news for those who like to play expert on the internet is that Detroit's got another date with Congress this week. Ford CEO Alan Mulally is the first of the three CEOs to announce that he'll be driving, though we expect the others to follow suit shortly.

There's no doubt that Mulally will be driving a car from Ford's latest crop of vehicles (rather than his own Lexus), but which one would make the best impression? No matter which he chooses to drive, you can count on the fact that the choice will be dissected, so this seemingly insignificant decision could have major future ramifications. So, we ask you, dear Autoblog readers: What should Mulally drive to Washington... Mustang? Hybrid? Voting polls are now open.

[Source: Detroit News, Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty]

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