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Over the weekend, Nissan and Datsun devotees descended on the Fuji Speedway to enjoy the festivities at the 12th NISMO Festival in Japan. In the lead-up to the event, speculation swirled that the 2010 Nissan GT-R Spec-V would be revealed to the world, but instead, the Spec-V's modification list was leaked to GTR-World. The supposed specs leave us cold. Hit the jump to find out why.

According to GTR-World and the GTRBlog, engine output will swell to 485 PS (just over 478 hp) 520 hp. The transmission mode select button has been removed, supposedly meaning that "Race" is the only setting available. However, an "overboost" button is included in the package that increases mid-range boost pressure for overtaking maneuvers.

Carbon ceramic brakes will be hidden behind Rays 20-inch aluminum wheels wrapped in no-cost Dunlop tires, and the suspension is comprised of a retuned Bilstein Damptronic setup that is supposedly superior to the NISMO ClubSport package already offered.

The omnipresent weight issue has been (somewhat) addressed with the replacement of the back seats with a carbon fiber shelf, along with carbon fiber front thrones, front grille, rear wing and brake ducts on the front lip spoiler. More of the exotic weave can be found surrounding the IP and mirror switches, chrome replaces anything painted silver and black will be the only available interior color. A Thatchan alarm system, Electronic Toll Card system (ETC) and a Bose stereo are all optional, and a new color – Ultimate Black Pearl, a deep purple/black hue – is available for an additional 577,500 yen. All the other colors currently available to GT-R buyers will also be offered and pricing is supposedly set at 15,750,000 yen (base) and 16,978,000 yen with all the extras.

While anything offered from the factory has the weight of the Nissan/NISMO engineering team behind it, we're surprised by the limited diet and complete lack of power mods. Until we get official word from Nissan (Tokyo Auto Salon?), we're skeptical that this is the final spec sheet. Hopefully, we'll know soon enough. But in the meantime, color us less than impressed.

[Sources: GTR-World, GTRBlog]

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