The Isle of Man hosts a classic and influential motorcycle time trial every year, and 2009 will mark the first year that an alternative class is held in conjunction with the main proceedings (see here for our initial recap). The TTX GP, as it's being called, is intended to focus awareness on green motorcycles, specifically those running on electrons or alternative fuels. Electric machinery is taking center stage for the event's inaugural running, but there are actually way more riders interested in participating than available machinery. To help combat this major problem, race organizers have commissioned an electric bike of their own. The actual bike is known as the TTX01 and is still very much in the prototype stages. So far, we like what we see - and like what it promises even more.

Using two Agni electric pancake motors powering the rear wheel, the TTX01 offers 86 horsepower and, more importantly, 170 lb-ft of torque. Soon, the machine should feature two-wheel drive via one motor for each wheel, a carbon fiber frame and vastly superior aerodynamics. Racing always tends to show the faults in a design, and current battery tech is no exception. TTX GP organizers are planning to make the battery in the TTX01 hot-swappable so that an empty unit can quickly be exchanged for a fully charged pack to continue racing. Best of all? The crew plans to produce 50 copies of the machine for sale in 2010 at about 20K in UK money, about 30 grand in the US.

[Source: Gizmag]

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