Aston Martin Racing has emerged as the dominant force in sports car racing wherever they've lined up on the grid, and they haven't gotten there without copious amounts of horsepower. And as Aston knows best, all that power needs to be properly harnessed, so for the past three years they – like some of the greatest names in motorsport – have teamed up with Italian harness company Sabelt to keep their drivers in place. Unfortunately, their collaboration was something only to be enjoyed by AMR's professional pilots, but the two have now teamed up to bring the fruits of their racetrack dominance to the market in a driving shoe for the gentleman motorist.

The Sabelt for Aston Martin Racing shoe is crafted from a blend of traditional and high-tech materials and available in a variety of colors. You can order directly from Sabelt's website for 129-139 euros a pair, but Classic Driver magazine's got a pair to give away for free if you've already blown your money on tickets to Quantum of Solace or the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

[Source: Classic Driver via Luxist]

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