General Motors is the Official Vehicle Supplier for the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade. There, now you've learned your requisite something new for the day. This year, The General decided to trot out hybrid versions of the full-size GMC Yukon to pull various parade floats and giant balloon-things. Oddly, GM did absolutely nothing to advertise the fact that it would be having the hybrid 'utes take place in the event, leaving various other media outlets to find out about it themselves. No matter. Find out they have, and now that the event is over, the news has hit the wires.

We are also left wondering if Macys did any promotion of the event, considering that the large clothing retailer has recently begun touting its own green efforts. If it did, we must have missed it. Whatever the case, slow city running is the perfect place to use a hybrid vehicle such as this. GM's full-size hybrids are fully capable of towing large loads, and something had to pull the huge number of parade floats for the 82nd installation of the classic Manhattan parade, right? May as well be a hybrid.

[Source: Star-Telegram]

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