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After seeing a rendering of the M3-based BT 92 from Brabham Racing, we were anxiously anticipating the car's debut at the Essen Motor Show this past week. The real thing didn't disappoint - beautiful carbon fiber bodywork, massive brakes, adjustable suspension, and unique wheels wrapped with Dunlop tires. Sound like a winning combination, yet? Well, maybe not. Like many of you, we assumed that the company was directly linked to the Brabham family, well known for its racing success. This is apparently not the case, and according to, Sir Jack Brabham is upset about the use of his family's name and has stated that legal action will be taken against the German-based company. The names "Brabham" and "Brabham Racing" have been legally registered, but the desired link to the original race team is apparent in the press release after the jump. We're not lawyers, but we can't imagine the use of the Brabham name being allowed for too much longer. Thanks for the tip, Joel.



Return of a Legend: Brabham Racing at the Essen Motor Show 2008

One of the most illustrious names of automotive history has returned. After numerous successes in Formula One and being dormant for nearly sixteen years, the legendary motor racing brand was relaunched.

Despite its long absence, the renowned company still has to meet high expectations. Its vehicles are designed according to highest quality standards and manufactured by using state-of-the-art technology. Consequently, development programmes designed for the automotive industry and Formula One manufacturing techniques are employed as well. '

By using wireframe models, maximum precision is guaranteed already during the construction process. The engines' increased performance forced the constructors to develop technically independent high-performance braking systems. In addition to this, all carbon-fibre body parts used for the production of Brabham racing cars are cured in autoclaves - these quality characteristics are visible at the first and even at the second glance one gets of each new Brabham model.

At the relaunch on the Essen Motor Show 2008, Brabham Racing will already present three models: the BRABHAM BT 92 based on the BMW M3, the BRABHAM BT 60 based on the BMW M5 as well as the BT 70 - a sporty interpretation of the SUV X6. Each of these models embodies the company's message: high-tech, quality, sportiness, design, exclusiveness and history.

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