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If automaker-produced kitesurfer-in-distress videos are your thing, VW's got your back. While you wait for the production version of the Concept Pickup the automaker unveiled back in September, how about checking out VW's promo film starring the truck, a pair of lifeguards, and yes, a kitesurfer in distress. Will the guys use the in-dash GPS? Yes! Will we see the pickup drive semi-urgently through sand? Yes! Will she make it? Duh! Will we have a demonstration of how well a collapsed kite fits in the bed? Yes again! Am I alone in thinking it's weird that the lifeguards dive into the water wearing helmets? Anyone? In all, a serviceable vanity film for the pickup. Needs more yellow, though. And Hoff. The video's embedded after the jump.

[Source: VW via]

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