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Time Magazine has released its annual list of the Top 50 Inventions of the Year, and the 2008 edition features a good deal of green automotive technology. In fact, the Tesla Roadster has managed to snag the second spot on the list, with the Chevy Volt nabbing slot 7. Of course, you can't actually go out and buy yourself a Chevy Volt quite yet, so while we agree it is a praiseworthy invention, perhaps it should really be on next year's list.

Number 11 on Time's list is a biofuel currently being developed by researchers at Arizona State University that uses algae for its base. Smog-eating cement shows up at number 37 and an innovative enclosed two-wheeled vehicle called the Peraves MonoTracer grabs slot 41. That's pretty cool, and its BMW motorcycle engine will offer plenty of performance along with relatively high fuel efficiency. The last vehicle of interest to us greenies is the Aptera, which props up the end at number 46, which we think may be a bit too low for an amazing invention such as this. Oh well, we could always make our own list. Wait a second...

[Source: Time]

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