Honda has always been a company run by engineers who like to do more with less. In the 1970s, the Civic got a CVCC system that allowed it to meet emissions standards for many years without using a catalytic converter. Today the company's top of the line Acura RL competes in the luxury sport sedan segment with a V6 engine where others use a V8. The current RL has been somewhat of a sales laggard at least in part due to that powertrain choice. As a result, many have been pushing for Honda to drop a V8 in the RL. The problem is the company doesn't have one. Recently, CEO Takeo Fukui acknowledged the company was working on a V8 for a future RL, but now it has come to light that it won't be the next-generation model in 2011, but rather the one after that, due in 2015. If the company puts off a V8 that along, it seems likely that it won't ever happen. By that time, it's likely that smaller, boosted and direct injected engines will be the order of the day, especially with rising CAFE standards and the expected higher fuel prices. If anything, it would be more likely for Honda to develop a future performance hybrid variant than a V8 for the RL.

[Source: Auto Observer]

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