The plan to drive a slew of Detroit's best new cars from the Motor City to Washington, DC is over before it even got started. Amazingly, there was just too much support for the idea, which led to a complete lack of control over the event and leading to its cancellation. It's just as well, really. While it would have been an awesome display of support for the ailing Detroit 3, the notion of packing Washington's already busy streets with a few hundred more vehicles, not to mention their occupants, would have been a complete nightmare. Even worse, the plan was to show how fuel efficient vehicles from America can be, but the proposal would have equaled the burning of hundreds of gallons of gasoline, which doesn't exactly strike us as particularly green.

The event's organizers, made up of suppliers, dealerships and Union officials, have instead started a new website called At the site, individuals will be able to show their support for Detroit's automakers in a peaceful and hopefully meaningful way. One delegate from each of the 50 states plus one from DC will make the trek to show their support in person.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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