How does one get curb-side shoppers to visit his or her garage sale rather than all the others? Simple, you add a little visual punch to the pitch. That's just what one Melbourne, Australia area seller decided to do. He posted a sign on his car for all the world to see, and that car was a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Matt Hayward sent us this tip along with the photos he took of the car in question. It seems Matt was walking along when he saw the garage sale sign. Normally he'd think "Meh it's probably just junk," but the car was just too good to pass by. The garage sale turned out to be filled with the typical expendable household crap, but the Gallardo was for sale as well for just $599,999.99 AUS. The seller apparently didn't have room for the Lambo and his Porsches, and the Gallardo was getting the axe.

Matt tells us he hasn't seen the raging bull since the sale went down a few weeks ago. He surmises that, "Someone must've wandered past with six hundred grand burning a hole in their pocket." Thanks for the tip and the wit, matt!

[Source: The world adores matt hayward]

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