It's been a very good year for green car related news. In the past year, hundreds of thousands of people have lost homes and jobs. Here at AutoblogGreen we churn out words, photographs and videos every day of every week and we're grateful that you keep coming back to check out what we have to say, even when you berate some of us (OK, that would be me!) when you disagree with our (OK, my) opinions. No doubt we all have some strongly-held opinions about how best to address the issues of energy independence and the environment. As long as you keep coming back we'll keep writing, and sometimes we'll be on the same side of the fence and sometimes not. Sebastian, Jeremy, Xavier, Domenick and I, along with the rest of the ABG crew, all consider ourselves very fortunate to be given the opportunity to do this. But there's more to be thankful for, as you can see in our latest Top Ten list. Let's get on with it so you have something else to criticize me for.

Honorable mention: Chris Paine, director of Who Killed the Electric Car? As a film, Paine's documentary wasn't the greatest motion picture of all time. It did however, re-ignite the debate over plug-in vehicles and in part prompted many of the world's automakers to re-start EV development. It also got many more people interested in the green car discussion, and for that he deserves a special mention. Now, on with the show...

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