What's more appropriate to talk about on Thanksgiving Day than turkeys? Americans are set to consume a few hundred tons of the gobblers today, tomorrow and likely well into the next month as leftovers are slowly taken out of the fridge until they just can't be tolerated any longer. And that's not the only turkey that's likely to outlive its welcome. Consumer Reports has gathered up a quick list of automotive turkeys - cars, options or automaker decisions that leave us questioning their sanity. A prime example is the oft-maligned BMW iDrive, but there are a few others that seemingly deserve the right to dethrone that hated accessory.

For instance, we're wondering what Chrysler was thinking by dumping all kinds of money into the joint project to develop the 2-Mode hybrid system with its partners BMW and GM. After all that was complete, the automaker moved forward with the Durango and Aspen hybrids, which used the brand-new technology to good effect, outscoring their GM rivals in fuel efficiency and pricing. Then, the two models were unceremoniously dropped before the production line workers even got comfortable. Major turkeys, turducken even, and an obvious monumental waste of money and resources.

Also making CR's list, though not necessarily ours, is the smart fortwo, which the mag claims is too expensive given its capabilities. Also on the list are the Feds for approving a tax credit for GM's full-size hybrid 'utes. CR also comments on the poor head lamps of its Prius hybrid. Any current-gen Pirus owners out there willing to comment on their lighting performance?

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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