It was the Spring of '93 and I was living large in my 1988 Dodge Omni. The little hatch was white with a burgundy interior, smelled like fast food and usually carried a substantial coat of dirt and grime that held it all together. One of the black plastic bumper pieces was missing from when I backed into my dad's car and the Omni was rolling fat with four over-sized tires scored from my brother's totaled Pontiac 6000. The tires were so large that I couldn't make a tight turn without grinding the rubber against the wheel well.

For my big date, though, the Omni at least go washed. I pulled into this poor girl's driveway jamming my brand new Jackyl tape when the her dad walked up. He glared at my car and said "You guys will be going to the baseball game in my wife's Astro Van, and you're not driving."

That was my first date car, which was followed by an Escort, Ranger and GMC Sonoma. Quite an unimpressive array of vehicles with which to make a first impression, which I reckon makes me an expert on the subject. So here it is: the Top 10 Cars You Should Never Drive on a First Date.

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