Click above for more patent drawings of the KTM 2WD hybrid motorcycle

Hot on the heels of KTM's first Zero Emissions Motorcycle, which is currently being fast-tracked to production in as little as 24 months, we find new patent filings from the Austrian company of a 2WD hybrid motorcycle. This is a unique design, with an internal combustion engine powering the rear wheel through a conventional transmission. A single electric motor handles the starting roles and sends power to the front wheel. Under braking, that motor acts as a generator, recapturing spent energy. There have been a few two-wheel drive motorcycles on the market, most notably from Rokon, though that machine isn't at all comparable with the KTM patents. More in line with the Austrian idea are the Christini mechanical system and Yamaha's experimental 2-Trac hydraulic technology. Still, we'd favor the electric approach if possible, not just for its green ideals but also because the instant torque and energy recapture technology is a real performance advantage.

[Source: Dealer News]

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