Bad idea: Detroit 3 CEOs showing up for a Congressional hearing to beg for money in private jets. Good idea: said CEOs showing up at Congress' curb in their respective company's greenest vehicles. Just such a caravan has been proposed by Tim Leuliette, CEO of supplier Dura Automotive Systems Inc., and it's gaining steam. The idea is to highlight how integral the Detroit automakers are to the lives of many who work outside the companies themselves, and to showcase their latest fuel efficient models.

Expect the march to Washington to remain a grassroots effort. Each of the Detroit 3's spokespeople have commented that they are in support of the plan but are not interested in organizing it. It is also highly unlikely that any Detroit 3 CEO would travel to D.C. in the motorcade, as well. To be as effective as possible, some are suggesting that the organizers create a central website with information for those who want to participate like where they should go and when they should be there. Now, if Bob Lutz lead the procession in a Volt mule, that'd send a message. Do it, Bob!

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd]

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