There will always be a market for older cars, After all, people tend to look back on vehicles that were available during their youth with rose-colored glasses. Evidence of such can be seen every day as hundreds of classic muscle cars change hands, oftentimes at prices over a hundred-times the car's original asking price. In many cases, the legend of the vehicle easily surpasses its reality, and we'd expect nothing less from the diehard green segment. Instead of fondly recalling completely unreachable quarter-mile times and dusting competitors from stoplight to stoplight, perhaps we'll think back on (totally unreachable) 100 mile per gallon hybrids from the early 2000s.

In fact, the trend has already begun, with our tenth spot taken by a car that was often derided by the media but beloved by a small but vocal group of fans when it was new. Values for this particular machine have already skyrocketed in just the last year, so its place as a future collectible is all but a given. What car are we talking about? Click here to begin the journey.

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