If the new Toyota iQ is going to compete against the smart fortwo, an open-top version is going to be a necessity. We've already heard rumblings of a possible roadster based on the iQ's underpinnings, so a convertible option certainly seems possible. If renderings from Japan's Best Car are to be believed (we're not convinced), the Japanese automaker could mimic the fortwo's cabriolet style by removing the front and rear roof sections, fitting an integrated roll bar and adding a set of soft-tops.

The main advantage for the iQ has over the fortwo is the city car's extra passenger seats. Unlike the smart, Toyota's microcar manages to cram four belts into its tiny frame and a drop-top variant would make the iQ the world's smallest-ever four-seat convertible. While a credible contender to the fortwo cabrio is surely in the cards, we're still waiting to see the iQ rebadged a Scion and brought to the U.S. to truly give smart a run for its money.

[Source: Best Car via Carscoop]

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