Click above for more high-res shots of the eRUF Concept Model A

Uh oh. Rumors suggest that Porsche isn't all that impressed with the all-electric lithium-ion powered 911 from longtime tuning company Ruf. Not that the German automaker is giving up on electric sportscars completely or anything... in fact it's quite the opposite. Porsche is developing its own electric machine without the help of any outside companies, at least in the traditional sense. According to Tesla Motors, officials from Porsche have stopped by to take a good long look at the Roadster. It seems that they were interested enough to place an order for one of the $100K-plus electric sportscars, though Porsche will have to wait its turn just like everyone else that has put down their deposits. One can only assume that the car will be put through its paces, compared with models from the German automaker's own stable and summarily taken apart bit by bit just to see how it all ticks. Sounds like we won't be waiting too long for a Porsche versus Tesla run 'round the 'Ring after all.

[Source: Inside Line]

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