So, we recently saw the official newsletter from Aptera about recent updates, but it sounds like there's more news to be had about the three-wheeled car. Frequent tipster Yanquetino found two video interviews by TechZulu with Aptera's founder, Steve Fambro, and points out a few interesting tidbits. First, Fambro mentions an Aptera 2g. We know from the new naming convention that the Aptera 2e is the two-seat electric and the 2h is the hybrid, but does 2g mean they're working on a gasoline only model? Then there's this:

Fambro says that have now taken deposits on... 4,000 orders! Yeeeow! They have their work cut out for them! To fulfill those orders over a two-year period, they'd have to crank out at least 12 vehicles per day, five days a week. Well... they must have $2 million in deposits to get started, and with the original $27,500 price tag, that's over $110 million in projected sales.

Also, Yanquetino notes a few design changes to the 2e: a lower, more aggressive look and a change to the seat design. The Aptera's lights are LED and the door latches are piezoelectric. A new company website is also in the works. Watch both videos after the jump. Thanks to Yanquetino for the tip!

[Source: TechZulu]

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