Deliveries of the US-spec FCX Clarity took place back in July and since then plenty of celebrities and excited hydrogen fuel cell advocates have been leasing the vehicles in Southern California. Honda has long planned to also offer the FCX Clarity in Japan, but it wasn't until today that anyone there has been able to take one home. Well, sort of. The first delivery in Japan was to the Ministry of the Environment, which previously had the original FCX fuel cell vehicle. In Japan, Honda will only offer the FCX Clarity to "governmental agencies and certain corporate entities" for the foreseeable future.

This limitation does not mean that Honda thinks that only the Japanese government should get an H2 vehicle. In fact, Honda is promoting the FCX Clarity with an introduction event aimed at children. I'm sure all hydrogen fuel cells skeptics will have a field day with this bit from Honda PR:

The event ... provid[ed] children an opportunity to learn more about environmental issues, dream their own dreams of advanced technology, and experience the wonder of the FCX Clarity by seeing and touching the actual vehicle. This experience also encouraged children to take a step ahead of adults and envision a more environmentally responsible future, one in which the first automobile they drive will be a fuel cell vehicle


[Source: Honda]

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