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The auto industry is being hit hard by the global economic crisis, and no manufacturer is too big or too small to be affected. Just as General Motors, Ford, Toyota and the rest of the world's big automakers have needed to refine their business plans, so must niche manufacturers like Bailey, which has been working on the new Blade supercar for the last few years. As you can imagine, introducing a supercar in a market such as this is tough, to say the least. All cars seem to require a "green angle" of sorts to remain relevant, and the Blade is no exception, getting two additional variants with alternative powertrain options. The first is the XTR, powered by a 750-horsepower 5.4L V8 engine... sounds about right for a supercar. The second vehicle in the works, called the EVR, uses an electric drivetrain featuring twin electric motors, four-wheel drive and lithium phosphate batteries. Awesome. We wish Bailey luck. The third version, though, we're not nearly as excited about, as it is supposed to feature a supercharged V8 engine with *ahem* on-demand hydrogen that's said to cut fuel consumption by 20 percent. Sounds familiar. May we suggest focusing on the electric?

[Source: Bailey via Autoblog]

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