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For all of you who have kept up with Neal Bailey's quest to build his dream car, the man with the big plans has hit a snag. The very same snag that's hit the world's established automakers, along with the rest of us. The economy has tanked, and funding has dried up.

But anyone crazy enough to build their very own supercar better have the tenacity to stick with it through even the worst of times. And it seems Neal has just what it takes. Instead of throwing in the shop towel, Neal is innovating. And no, that doesn't mean he flew his corporate jet to DC for a government handout. Instead, he's asking for donations to keep the dream alive, as well as taking the project in some new, greener directions.

Visitors to the Bailey Blade website can keep help Neal with a little cash while reading about the newest trim levels of the exotic Blade. If all goes as planned, Neal hopes to not only offer the Blade XTR, a 750 hp, 5.4L, Roush-powered supercar, but also the Blade EVR and Blade HDR.

The EVR is an all-electric version of the Blade with dual electric motors feeding off lithium ion phosphate batteries. Neal claims "big block performance but all electric." The HDR would be a 600 hp Roush supercharged V8 with an on-demand hydrogen system. Theoretically, owners would see a 20% fuel-savings over a gasoline-only engine.

Donors to the Blade project will get their names posted on the Baily Blade Web site, as well as on displays accompanying the car at shows. They'll also be added to a newsletter list to get the latest news on the project's progress.

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