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Imagine stepping out of your hotel to see a driveway packed with Ferraris splayed out in different colors for you to choose from and you'll begin to understand three things. First of all, what a peacock would look like if God had met Enzo Ferrari before Creation. Secondly, the stupid grin on our faces when we popped in for the California test drive in Sicily. And lastly, the vast array of choices available to Ferrari customers upon ordering their new supercar. Unfortunately that's not a sight oft beheld by the common man (unless you work at Maranello), so Ferrari has given us an online configurator to let us toy around with the different color, trim and wheel combinations available on its latest offering.

With 27 exterior colors, 12 different leather hues, three wheel options and five brake caliper choices, no fewer than 4860 distinct combos can be had. You'll likely find that the California looks best in dark colors. Fortunately, there is no shortage in the catalog, especially since Ferrari revived some of its long-lost classic hues. What you see above (Grigio Scuro over Bordeaux leather with the 20" diamond rims and dark red calipers) is this scribe's combination of choice. Or maybe Vinaccia over Beige, or Scozia blue over Cuoio...this could take a while. Of course actual customers, upon visiting one of Ferrari's customization ateliers, can select from far more options, but this online gizmo should be enough to have you burning through minutes like a Ferrari does miles.

[Source: Ferrari]

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