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Might it be possible that the General would consider going retro for its next Corvette? It's worked wonders for the current crop of remade pony cars, with Chevy's own Camaro being a prime example. Some might argue, though, that the modern 'Vette has never really strayed from its core ethos of offering big performance for a relatively low price, so perhaps it's not in dire need of visiting the past for inspiration. On the other hand, its current styling is an evolution of the C4 design and doesn't bear much resemblance to past classic generations.

One enthusiast by the name of Christian Cyrulewski has taken matters into his own hands by using the third-generation Corvette as inspiration for a rebodied C6, the current version of America's sports car. This is the second version of the C3R, as it's designer calls it, and it's received some tweaks since last time we showed it to you, with more to come we're told. Design elements like the Mako Shark-inspired front fender peaks and steeply flowing rear buttresses from the early C3 series are present, as are hideaway head lights, which were a Corvette staple until the latest C6.

While there are no firm plans to produce a car based on these renderings, past indications are that Cyrulewski would like to see the first C3R running down Woodward Avenue for next year's Dream Cruise. We'll be there, of course, and will definitely keep our eyes peeled for the C3R.

[Source: Serious Wheels]

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